- Kris

As an intuitive bodywork of over two decades, I have seen first hand personally and professionally the deep and meaningful impact Chiropractic care has on our health. When I met Dr. Tim over a decade ago, I discovered a friend, colleague, and incredibly intuitive doctor! I have seen several other Chiropractors in my life but Dr. Tim’s style of practice most closely matches my own in terms of his intuitive approach to the body.  In each session, he is assessing where my body is in that moment and meets me where I am with exactly what I need. His faith in my body’s wisdom and willingness to listen makes him an extraordinary practitioner, colleague, and friend.  I regularly refer my clients who need proper care even if they have tried Chiropractic previously with “no results”.  Each person I refer returns to my table with hope and closer to balance.  Dr. Tim makes professional collaboration easy and delightful.  By working together with our modalities, we are able to serve more people in our community!

- Markus

After running around for almost 6 years, not knowing what was happening to my spine, Dr. Tim fixed my issues within three sessions. I also had on and off trouble with my pelvis, causing pain all the way down to my left calf! Within two months of continuous work, Dr. Tim fixed that too. Tim Baranowski is one of the most trustworthy and experienced physicians I know and I highly recommend him.

- Helen

I have had wonderful results from my adjustments with Tim. Seeing him during my pregnancy was a particular lifesaver. I'm most thankful, however, for the positive effect regular adjustments had on my daughter as an infant and toddler. Before she began seeing Tim, she had frequent ear infections, and, as a result, frequent antibiotics. After several adjustments, her ear infections were far less frequent, and we were able to avoid surgery for tubes. Our family will continue to be faithful clients, and we are thankful for the preventative care chiropractic provides us through someone as skilled and compassionate as Tim.

- Lauren

I've been a patient of Dr. Tim's for 10 years and would highly recommend him. His knowledge of Chiropractic and level of care for his patients is unmatched. Until becoming a patient of Dr. Tim's, I didn't know much about Chiropractic or how poorly my body felt. Because of his care I not only feel better than I ever have but have adopted a healthier lifestyle, which I believe has benefited many areas of my life. I not only trust Dr. Tim with my health but at 35 weeks pregnant have trusted him for care throughout my pregnancy. Dr. Tim is incredibly smart, kind and experienced.

- Chelssie

Granger just gained itself a miracle worker with the opening of Align to Health and Dr. Tim. He is not only extremely professional and personable, he is uniquely gifted. As an avid exerciser, I’ve been adjusted by Dr. Tim  for several years. When I leave I truly feel more aligned and pain free.

- Kristen

After a difficult pregnancy and delivery, I suffered from incredible back pain postpartum that lasted from morning to evening. I did several months of physical therapy, was taking Advil and using a heating pad every night to try to alleviate the pain - nothing worked. I met with Dr. Baranowski and he put me on a treatment plan after a thorough evaluation. I was without the debilitating pain within two sessions. Within 5 weeks, I felt back to my ‘normal’ self. I can’t thank him enough for saving me from the near constant pain. I also saw him during my second pregnancy, and always left appointments feeling 10x better than when I walked in.  



Preventive care and maintenance is far more cost-effective than waiting until we are sick or degenerating to take action.